How We Do Business

As I focus on the day-to-day tasks of building 32Waves, it is interesting to take a step back and review 32Waves’ overall vision and philosophy. In doing so, I am quickly reminded of what makes us different from competing solutions or products.

In my first blog, I wrote about why 32Waves does what it does. As a short recap, we are passionate about using our knowledge and experience with technology to solve real-world problems for a market largely ignored: our neighbors, friends, and fellow rural small businesses. Intelligence and grit have proven to be valuable traits throughout our short history so far, and we intend to continue those virtues into the future to keep building wonderful things.

Our Vision for Today and Beyond

Today, a lot of what we do is similar to your local I.T. provider, so it shouldn’t surprise you to hear the normal nomenclature when we describe our services. It’s often during that conversation that I see a lot of the people I talk to start to go glassy-eyed. What sets us apart is how we do business. We want I.T. for you and your business to be completely off your desk. No procedures, processes, rules, or pesky I.T. software that seems to get in your way at least a couple of times a week.

Tech that Puts You First

We believe that tech should take a back seat to what you actually do for a living. It should quietly support and enable you, not be another thing for you to manage. This is reflected in all things 32Waves, from our chat support to auto recognition. No more of the all too common “verifying who you are for the 3rd time after being on hold twice” type scenarios. Our technology has information about you in your dedicated profile, and when you reach out, it correlates that data to your contact method. Our systems know it, our agents know it; no need to waste time. That kind of thing seems so simple, right? Well, it’s not so simple on the software side, but it is essential, and we’re building it. Today, we often tell our clients to feel free to skip the small talk. Simply text/chat us an image or video of the problem, nothing more. We already know who you are and can get right to solving the issue so you can get back to business.

Another example of how 32Waves is different is our security add on service for Assist. We don’t present you with all the antivirus options and make you pick which one you want. We don’t present you with an array of network firewalls for you to have to Google and eventually guess which ones the right fit for you. We don’t even have a quoting system for anything like this anywhere in our processes! Why? Because you’re paying us to know you and your business, we should do that and have the solutions you need to get the job done. It’s not like you’re going to know more about antivirus or firewalls than we do. So, you’ll notice we sell all packages as complete solutions (“Support,” “Security,” and “Voice”). We don’t mention a word about what we use behind the scenes because you don’t really care. You just need it to work and work well.

That way of thinking is precisely why we’re different. We constantly spend boatloads of time and money researching and buying new stuff to test, keeping us up to date and informed about all the cutting-edge tech. We do this to continually ensure our service packages are using the latest in advancements that keep you and the rest of our customers secure. If we change something to keep up, we just update you. No new contracts to sign, hardware to buy, or the hassle of having to make a new decision you know nothing about.

Get Back to Business

You have a job to do and being an I.T. expert is not one of them. Everything we do and every package we offer is built to take ‘being the I.T. guy’ off your plate, making I.T. simple and nearly invisible to you. Our philosophy shines through in how we build, sell, and maintain our service packages. And, of course, how we support you and your staff every day.

It’s the little things that matter, and we’re conscious of them. We strive to make our services and the technology align with you, not the other way around.

People first. Tech second. This is how we do business. The stuff we build from philosophy, like Assist services, is what we’re doing with that kind of thinking. The proof is in the pudding, wouldn’t you say?

If you are a rural small business that needs innovative I.T. to get the job done, we would love to serve you.Thank you for reading our story, and feel free to text us at 970.316.3131 for more information.
- Colter L., Founder and CEO