3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business Using Technology

Technology is no longer just a helpful tool for your business. Researching, planning, and implementing technology is essential for you to rise above your competition and meet your customer's expectations. Often, business owners are frustrated with the amount of time spent fixing their employees' technical issues but do not take the time to think of a better solution. This impacts a company's future growth and leaves them falling behind their competition.

From technology that allows you to store information and understand your customer's pain points to better understanding how you are spending your software budget, your business can work smarter, not harder. Keep your employees efficient and get your time back with better solutions. Read about these 3 simple ways to grow your business by evaluating and implementing software and tools.

Better Customer Service

According to 2021 research conducted by Salesforce and tech giant Microsoft, 90% of Americans' buying decisions are impacted by how companies treat their customers. Furthermore, 63% of C2C and 76% of B2B customers EXPECT companies to know their specific pinpoints and meet their immediate needs. As a business owner or company leader, how do you find the time and energy to gain a competitive advantage through your customer service? 

With productivity software and innovative communication, you can stay ahead of your competition and your customers' expectations. An example of software would include modern customer relationship management (CRM). Through technology integration, it’s possible to store a digital trail of customer behavior and better know their pain points. After your pain points are identified, you can use the software to align your marketing and sales team goals by giving them access to the same customer information.  

Chatbots and real-time chat are other great tools, and when used correctly, they can allow for better human-to-human communication. By decreasing customer's wait time and offering instant information to solve a problem, communication is 24/7. Plus, with proper integration, chatbots can access a business's customer information and quickly customize responses to an identified pain point. Technology can intuitively help you meet your customer needs according to their lofty standards.

Understanding Software Costs

Purchasing, implementing, and adapting to modern technologies is not cheap. However, we interact with many decision-makers who do not fully understand what features they are paying for, and sometimes they are paying for different versions of the same software. Often, companies can cut costs by bettering understanding of their software. Check out the steps below to improve your software licensing costs.

1 Audit all your software – Create a spreadsheet and gather all the software that your company uses. Know which employees are using what software and which company roles require what tools. This will help you discover the details of what you are paying for and where you can save.

2 Determine what can go – What software is helping your company grow, and what software can you go without? Research the services included in your software packages and determine if these tools are helping you reach company goals. Speak with your team and understand their workflows. Do they have the right tools? Do they have too many tools?

3 Manage your software – Now that you are aware, is there other software that can make your workflows and communication efficient? If your software does meet your needs, consider consolidating. We see many cases where a company pays for separate licenses for the same software but different versions. From your audit, organize your staff usage and uninstall software on devices that are no longer in use.

Efficient Use of Time

Let's get one thing straight; you should never put up with ongoing technical issues. By taking a step back and understanding the broad issue, you can start to implement a plan that saves you time. First, how can you avoid the technical issue before it causes problems? This could include hiring an IT support team that monitors your technology daily to help you avoid downtime and stress. Studies on business efficiency estimate that over 500 hours (about 3 weeks) are wasted per year by each employee from downtime!

Wasting time on processes can also be solved with innovative technology. How much time do you spend sifting through unorganized documents? There is software that improves document management and automates data entry and filing. You can also implement software for data recovery and cloud storage to save you valuable time during outages and freak accidents.

Lastly, voice technology and app services can keep your remote and hybrid teams connected as if they were in the same office. In today's world, fast and seamless connection and collaboration is a significant advantage. Don't settle for an undelayable connection that keeps your team at a distance.

Are you ready to evaluate and implement technology that will help you grow your business? Whether you are auditing your software or improving your customer service, don’t settle for continuing frustration. Chat an Assist Agent today!