Software Tools That Are Worth Your Small Business's Money

The impact of technology on the business world is undeniable. With the rise of technology in the workforce, a small business can now afford technology and software that saves them time. The only problem is, most small business owners are so focused on security, systems, and in-house I.T. teams that they don't have money left over for software that will improve their business, save them time, and enhance their customers' experience.

Software that helps with task management and payroll helps automate processes, while voice technology and website software can allow a business to provide a better user experience. Overall, keeping up with technology means getting ahead of the competition. If a company is not up to date, its internal processes and time management will suffer relative to the competition, and customers will not get the customer service they expect.

A business can evolve with software tools that give them back time, making them more organized and helping them to serve customers better.

Task Management Tools

There're hundreds of software tools that can help a team stay on track. From breaking down projects into individual tasks to assigning employees and due dates to each task, nothing should slip through the cracks. Businesses waste less time and accomplish more for their clients when they are organized.

To find a task management tool that works best for a small business, look at the organization and workflow and compare it to pain points. Some teams need to work on better communication. Some teams may be missing deadlines due to a lack of organization. Is the business owner or manager overloading/underloading employees with tasks? AFTER pain points are discovered, and internal data is analyzed, then a business should start researching software.

Customer-Facing Technology Trends

Purchasing, implementing, and adapting to modern technologies are not cheap. However, we interact with many decision-makers who do not fully understand what features they are paying for, and sometimes they are paying for different versions of the same software. Often, companies can cut costs by bettering their understanding of their software. Check out the steps below to improve your software licensing costs.


A website should be fast and easy to navigate for the visitor. Having a website that leaves gaps and confusion for visitors can force a high bounce rate and make the site ineffective. Find a hosting platform that is easy enough to update promptly. Having a web team is a great idea for the complicated backend tasks, but business owners should be about to make those fast updates themselves.  

Payment processing

The days of cash payments have sailed. Accepting other payment options besides cash is a must. Therefore, a payment processing technology that meets your specific needs is necessary. This could include pricing, sync capacities to other software like QuickBooks, security, customizable payment options, point-of-sale hardware, and e-commerce capacities. Most importantly, businesses should use an up-to-date, fast and reliable system, whether sending online invoices or processing payments in-store. These capabilities are essential to think about because consumers care about them too.

Communication technology

Consumers genuinely appreciate fast and reliable communication. While the bar has been set high by companies that believe in the payoff of great customer service, many companies are failing. According to Comm100, 71% of consumers (16-24) say a fast response time is key is a better customer experience. These people are the future of the market. From smart business phone service like call queuing and automated call-back features to chatbots to help direct questions and fill the gap of time. Even technology software that allows gathering qualitative data through questionaries and surveys can help businesses use facts to improve.

Employee Payroll Software

Payroll software is necessary for a growing business in a tech-centric world. Automating everything in the payroll process saves valuable time on keeping organized records and consistent payments. From income tax deduction for each employee to providing employees with a portal to view their documents, payroll software is necessary. Some software will allow employees to keep track of their time off and request time off through the portal.

Features to think about when looking into payroll software:

  • Multiple payment options (checks, card, or direct deposit)
  • Reports and forms
  • Paid time off management
  • Worker comp
  • Income tax and deductions
  • Government reporting of new hires
  • Benefits integration

Research Your Tech

Before you jump into buying software, don't start purchasing software tools without putting in the work. You can waste a lot of money buying the wrong tool for the job or the wrong tool for your business altogether. Do a thorough audit of your current software and your business workflows and processes. Dive deep into the data first and know what business improvements would have the most significant impact. Then, research what tool and brand will meet your exact need. There is a tool that will work for your business, don't settle for anything less.

Are you missing some technology gaps in your business process? Whether you need better task management for your team or looking to upgrade your payroll software to include more automated features, there is always something you can do to save time.

Do you need help digging into your workflow, data and finding software that won't be a waste of money? Contact 32Waves today!